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Babies, Children & Teens 

Mixing natural elements with childhood innocence.

Creating timeless portraiture that will be looked back upon by generations to come.

Childhood lasts for 18 summers and feels like we only need to blink to have missed it. Capture your children through the different stages of their lives and not only will they one day thank you for it but they will take great joy showing their own children and grandchildren in the years to come.


For young children it is best to capture them in the wild. Portraiture by Julz offers sunset portrait sessions down the stunning Avenue of Honor in Bacchus Marsh where we capture both candid and posed portraits. 

There is something about being outdoors that children seem to enjoy and thrive on.

Our children are born to chase the stars and their expressions are so unique to them! 

Older children can follow direction a little better and enjoy fine art portraits in the studio.

You may want the best of both worlds - posed fine art studio and relaxed on location portraits! 

We can make anything possible! 

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